å Kurt Sanders: The Impossible Takes Longer!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Impossible Takes Longer!

Type 1 impossibilities

  • Impossible today, but do not violate the known laws of physics. Might be possible this decade or the next: force fields, invisibility, teleportation, telepathy, robots capable of self awareness, antimatter and traveling through worm holes

Type 2 impossibilities

  • Technologies that sit at the edge of our understanding of the physical world. May be realised century or of years in the future: faster-than-light travel, muli-dimensional time travel, parallel universes, 5th dimension, elimination/reversal of aging.

Type 3 impossibilities

  • Technologies that violate the known laws of physics. If they turn out to be possible, they would represent a fundamental shift in our understanding of physics: perpetual motion machines, precognition, serial time branches

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